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Talent Concept

Loyalty and Dedication - On key events, you can think about problems from the standpoint of the company and safeguard the company's interests.

Take the initiative to take responsibility - have a sense of responsibility, let the problem stop at you, and not make a big mistake because of a little negligence.

Talent formation

We need to uphold the core values of the company, “creating, persisting, and sharing”;  corporate vision; advocating the principle of value distribution, stressing struggle, discussing contribution, re-responsibility, and seeking results;

Quality talents that align personal development goals with corporate development goals.


Determine your strengths, focus on your strengths, and find a platform in your company that is suitable for your strengths. Strengthen your strengths, continuous learning and innovation.

Identify and overcome deviations and ignorance caused by your own work experience or expertise.


The company provides a career development platform with R&D technology series and enterprise management series, especially providing more room for development of composite quality talents.

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